Runway Model Femme Outfit at Indonesian Muslimah Festival

Congratulation to: Apina Nahdi, Hanifa Paramitha Siswanti, Wiedya Permata Putri Hamid, Garnia Shidqy Khalifah Hati

for being *Runway Model of Femme Outfit Fashion Show at Main Stage Indonesian Muslimah Festival 
on Wednesday, 30 January 2013 | 15.30 WIB
Sabuga ITB, West Java - Indonesia 

so much thanks to all participants who has joined and submitted data for Femme Outfit Runway Model Hunt, all of you are great but we can only choose 4 models for our fashion show, thanks for always supporting us, :)


New Colours of Plain Chiffon Shawl

1. Sweet Purple 2. Mint Green 3. Dusty Lavender 4. Bubble Gum 5. Sky Blue 6. Strawberry 7. Deep Magenta

1. Deep Ocean Blue 2. Dark Blue Turquoise 3. Ocean Blue
4. Sky Blue 5. Blue Turquoise 6. Dark Green Turquoise 7. Pine Green

1. Banana 2. Soft Yellow 3. Sweet Peach 4. Baby Strawberry
5. Strawberry 6. Sweet Purple 7. Royal Blue

1.Chilli Red 2. Deep Yellow 3. Shocking Mango 4. Mango Tango 5. Sweet Peach 6. Baby Salmon 7. Nude

1. Vivid Violet 2. Eggplant Purple 3. Deep Lavender 4. Red Berry 5. Orchid 6. Dusty Pink 7. Dusty Peach

Plain Chiffon Shawl, Long Size

60,000 IDR/ 6.32 US$/ pc 

Long Size

200 x 75 cm

for ordering and further information: 

text/ WhatsApp us on: +6283822867199

pin: 2335A89E
KIK/ LINE: FemmeOutfit


Muslimah Festival Runway Model Hunt

on 30 January 2013, we have our premiere fashion show at Sabuga on Indonesian Muslimah Festival 'the biggest muslimah event in Asia'! Let's be part of our history! 

to make you part of us, Femme Outfit gives a chance for you to become our Fashion Show Model, submit your data and photos to our email: femme.outfit@yahoo.com before 26 January 2013

for further information read our Note on Femme Outfit Fan Page or follow @FemmeOutfit , please kindly follow our terms and condition as our form,
we looking forward to your email, thanks :)



Flowery Chiffon Shawl Jan Batch

Slimplify JII// BW - Turquoise
Vintage - JII// BW - Red - Green

Vintage - JII// Yellow - Red - Green 

Spring - JII// White - Pink - Red

Spring II// BW - Sweet Purple

Spring II// BW - Yellow Orange

Simplify - JI// Blue - Red - Yellow
Blossom - JI// Sweet Purple

Simply Tree - JI// Green - Chocolate

Simplify - JI// Green - Yellow - Broken White


We Part of Indonesian Muslimah Fest

Indonesian Muslimah Festival is The Biggest Muslimah Event in Asia 
on this event insya Allah Femme Outfit under Magnetic Island Boutique management will have fashion show on 30 January 2013 
we also open booth exhibition (30 January-3 February 2013), to whom love Femme Outfit product can buy here

So a must for you to come on this event, beside Fashion Show and Exhibition, Muslimah Festival also has Singer & Competition Group Muslim Indonesia, Muslim Hijab Design, Muslim Model Contest, Writing Contest,  Halal Food festival, Muslim Inspirational Talk Show, Womenpreneur Seminar, Launching Book from Oki Setiana Dewi and Abu Marlo, Muslimah Award, Tausiyah Akbar from Abu Marlo with Hijaber Community Bandung, Positive Music Concert starring HCB Voice, La Luna, Vidi Aldiano, Afgan, Tulus, Cakra Khan and Marcell etc

So interesting right? what are you waiting for, mark your calendar from now and be part of this hilarious event! :D

for ticket reservation visit http://muslimahfest.com/ticket

Femme Outfit Now Available in Europe

Alhamduilllah Femme Outfit products now available in Amsterdam, Netherlands-Europe,
even taken much time due to New Year Eve public Holiday, finally Femme Outfit product has arrived safely

to buy our product in Holland please kindly visit www.facebook.com/Hijaabia