Femme Outfit 5th Annniversary Promo

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This promo valid for 5 DAYS ONLY 
25-29 October 2015

Happy Payday, Happy Shopping Sweet :D


Femme Outfit Anniversary year-to-year

Femme Outfit Anniversary is our annual program in Corporate Social Responsibilty. This is the way we celebrate our gratitude and happiness of our ages.

"Big things often have small beginnings" 

Always do small things well and believe it will lead to big things someday
Dream, Believe, Achieve
There's no impossible things, the power of FAITH will bring a GREAT result.
Work hard, Pray Hard

May Allah always bless Femme Outfit to have a chance this charity event year to year
Allahumma Amiin....

See you soon Femme Outfit 5th Anniversary :D



Quality is our priority :)

To give our customers best quality is our priority. 
Thank you kak Sheny Maharani from Tangerang for your sweet review and prayer for us :D


Customer satisfaction is Femme Outfit main goal

Your satisfaction is our main goal, Sweet ^,^
Thank you kak Kholifatun Islami for willing coming back for more. :D



Gita Savitri Devi Daily Hijab Tutorial with Femme Outfit Plain Chiffon Shawl and Tyrex Shawl

Have you watched Gita Savitri Devi Daily Hijab Tutorial with 
Femme Outfit Chiffon Shawl and Tyrex Shawl?

By watching this video you will notice how tidy our sewing and how good our material we have.

Since 2011 Femme Outfit has been well know as one of the best brand  in Indonesia that provide shawl with high quality which also expert in delivering worldwide  (Asia, Australia, America, Africa, and Europe, alhamdulillah we had many experience in sending package over the world.

For overseas customers please kindly put Worldwide Order in Subject/ your first chat, that our International Sales Admin will assist you in English language:)

Femme Outfit Tyrex Shawl New Colour

1. Emerald Green 2. Sweet Latte 3. Dusty Cheese 4. Sweet Cheese  5. Sweet Lavender 6. Strawberry
Gita Savitri Devi wearing Femme Outfit Tyrex Shawl in Light Sand

1. Black 2. Dark Grey 3. Light Sand 4. Beige 5. Green Turquoise 6. Dusty Jeans 7. Sweet Jeans
Gita Savitri Devi wearing Femme Outfit Tyrex Shawl in Grey

1. Red Berry 2. Dusty Pink 3. Khaki 4. Broken White 5. Grey 6. Light Blue 7. Sweet Jeans

Gita Savitri Devi wearing Femme Outfit Tyrex SHawl in Stone Colour

1. Sweet Violet 2. Stone 3. Dusty Grape 4. Sweet Cherry 5. Cream 6. Olive Green 7. Mint Green

Tyrex Shawl
60,000 IDR

size: 180 x 75 cm
material: soft cotton

For ordering and further information:

Whatsapp: +6283822867199
Line: @femmeoutfit (with @ or click http://line.me/R/ti/p/%40femmeoutfit )
BBM: 583FCFCD or FO199199