Gita Savitri Devi in Alexa Shawl Pashmina Size

Gita Savitri Devi in Alexa Shawl Pasmina Size
Colour: Light Grey

Alexa Shawl in 9 Adorable Colours

Proudly presents our new arrivals: 
Alexa Shawl. It's easy to wear, iron-less, soft yet well-steady. Material that we use is cotton with cute waffle texture. To give you comfort things be our main objective, sure the quality in shaa Allah always be the best from its own.
1. Dark Grey 2. Light Grey 3. Pinky Peach

6. Dusty Chocolate 7. Light Sand 8. Broken White

9. Black 10. Dusty Taro 11. Navy Blue
Alexa Shawl
70,000 IDR (Square Shawl 115 x 115 cm) 
65,000 IDR (Pashmina 180 x 75cm)

Code: FOAS
Material: Cotton Alexa

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Line Official: @femmeoutfit 
BBM: FO199199 or 583FCFCD

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Gita Savitri Devi in Alexa Shawl Square Size

After years finally Femme Outfit launched Plain Shawl in Square Size
Available in 9 adorable colours. Modest yet Gorgeous are words that describe this shawl.

Femme Outfit Square Shawl Premiere Launching: Alexa Shawl

Femme Outfit Square Shawl is specially designed for those who love modesty. It very suit for beginners who start wearing hijab, students, and office workers.

Such an honour to have Gita Savitri Devi as our adorable muse for this premiere launching.
She is the icons of modesty. Beautiful effortlessly.
Masha Allah Alhamdulillah :D


Mint Green Style with Aisyah Tunic

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Femme Outfit Tyrex Shawl in Light Blue + Aisyah Tunic in Legoland Malaysia

When Femme Outfit Tyrex Shawl in Light Blue + Aisyah Tunic in Rose Pink + Blue Jeans color the gloomy day. What a sweet mix match Isnt't It ?



Coming Soon Femme Outfit Fall Winter 2016

Coming Soon Femme Outfit Fall Winter 2016

#FemmeOutfitFallWinter2016 is especially designed to welcome fall season: Autumn 🍂 - Rainy 🌧 - Winter ❄️ . This season the weather is very cold. That's why most of material on this collection have thicker fabric than usual. Yes, we're ready to keep you warm, stylish and comfy in the same time ✨🤗💖