Flower Shawl

1. Babie blue 2.Pink peach 3.Black pink


1.Black red 2.Broken white  red 3.Navy red

Pashmina 180x75cm: 70,000 IDR
Square 115x115cm: 75,000 IDR
Code: FOFS-Vintage rose M
Material: Bubble

1.Lovely orange 2.Romantic purple 3.Sweet red

Square: 115x115cm: 70,000 IDR
Code: FOFS-Blossom
Material: Fine

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Femme Outfit New Flower Shawl Vintage Rose Series

Aline Skirt
225,000 IDR
Size: S,M,L,XL
Material: Premium Bridal Tafeta
Colour: Black
Flower Shawl Pashmina (180x75cm)
70,000 IDR
Flower shawl square (115x115cm)
75,000 IDR
Material: Bubble
Code: Vintage Rose M
Evalia Top
195,000 IDR
Colour; Mint green
Material: Hermes

For order and further informatio:
text us on:
WA: +6285703077111
Official line: @femmeoutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD


Basic Shirt

Basic Shirt

 Basic Shirt with Alexa Shawl Pashmina Mustard

Alexa shawl pashmina mustard

Basic Shirt with Alexa shawl pashmina mustard

Alexa Shawl Pashmina
65,000 IDR
Colour: Mustard

Basic Shirt
215,000 IDR
Colour: Brown
Material: Denim Cotton
(Breastfeeding Friendly)

For order and further information:
text us on:
WA: +6285703077111
Line Official: @femmeoutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD


Ridwan Kamil's Wife Loves Femme Outfit

So surprised by this morning we got call from @ataliapr 's assistant, she said that beloved #sicinta kang @ridwankamil do love product we gave. wooowww such a honour to get compliment from Bandung major's wife, it's  beyond our expectation. Masha Allah Alhamdulillah hatur nuhun ibu walikota tersayang

Femme Outfit CSR at Pengajian Akbar February 2017 Hijabers Community Bandung

More than > 1500 Peoples attended pengajian akbar Februari Hijaber Community Bandung 
Thank you for coming

All MC wardrobe #PAF2017 by Femme Outfit. thanks Hijabers Community Bandung for trusting Femme Outfit to be part of this event.
product in frame :
New colours of Khansa Shwal + Annisa Midi Shirt 
will be released on MArch

"When Allah bless you financially. Don't raise your standard of living too much, but raise your standard of giving for much" -RK
#FemmeOutfitCSR is #FemmeOutfitProgram in charity to express our grattitude.
Alhamdulillah since 2011 we have hold this program, shopping in Femme Outfit means you do charity also in shaa Allah.
thank you to all customers who always being loyal

Such a pleasure to have a chance to support Hijabers Community Bandung yesterday event at penagjian akbar Februari 2017 
#PAF2017 #FemmeOutfitCSR

Executive Shawl

Exsecutive Shawl
Left Side : 
1. Sweet Fandago 2. Dusty Lavender 3. Aquamarine
Right Side:
1. Peach Mango 2. Baby Peach 3. Sweet Milo

80,000 IDR
Code: FO-ES
Material: Hermes
Size: Square 115x115cm

For ordering and futher information 
text us on:
WA: +6285703077111
Line Official: @FemmeOutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD