Pre Order for Ramadhan 17 - 21 May 2017

Ramadhan Coming = High Demand Product

Pre Order system is made to ease customers sadness who often failed to get our product. This system also to ease flood of chats on Ramadhan that usually increase 3 times than usual. Pre Order system will be opened 17 - 21 May 2017, with this sytem you have to make full payment for your order (First Pay, First Get) Limit quota 100 pcs/ colours.
By purchasing through Pre Order, you don't have to be worried again, because your package will be arrived on early June. Fyi, on Ramadhan usually Shipping process takes longer time than usual 3-5 business days to be arrived (Indonesia), 4-8 business days (worldwide)

Here are the list product that can be ordered

Alexa Shawl
Pashmina 65,000 IDR (180 x 75 cm)
Square 70,000 IDR (115cm x 115 cm)
1. Baby Peach
2. Barbie Pink
3. Broken White
4. Dark Smoke
5. Dusty Blue
6. Electric Salmon
7. Mint Blue
8. Mint Green
9. Mustard
10. Pink Peach
11. Silver grey
12. Stone
13. Sweet Brick
14. Sweet Latte

Tyrex Shawl
65,000 IDR (180 x 75 cm)
70,000 IDR (115cm x 115 cm)
1. Black
2. Dusty Cheese
3. Dusty Grape
4. Dusty Jeans
5. Light Blue
6. Maroon
7. Mint Green
8. Navy Blue
9. Olive Green 

Plain Chiffon Shawl 
Pashmina 60,000
1, Apricot
2. Army Green
3. Baby Orange
4. Baby Pink
5. Black
6. Broken White
7. Cream
8. Dark grey
9. Deep Guava 
10. Deep Navy Blue
11. Deep Nude
12. Dusty Blue
13. Dusty Pink
14. Dusty Peach
15. Eggplant
16. Electric Blue
17. Lavender
18. Light Emerald Green
19. Lovely Blue
20. Pinky Peach
21. Red Wine
22. Sweet Mint Blue

Please kindly send your order form below:

Order Form Pre Order
Address: (mohon mencantumkan RT RW, Kecamatan/ Kabupaten/ Kota)
Phone Number:
Product Name:

Please kindly give alternative colour in case some of your order is run out :)

Send your order form to link below:
bit.ly/FemmeOutfitOrder or Whatsapp +6285703077111 

This Open Order will be closed on Monday 21 May 2017  13.00 WIB

ps: Photo catalogue in shaa Allah will be update soon :)


Nindy Top New Pattern + Wava Premium Pants

Nindy top new Pattern 
195,000 IDR
Code: FONT-Tribal
Colour: Sweet brick-black
Material: Cotton Premium+Cotton stretch
All Size

Alexa Shawl square
70,000 IDR
Colour: Sweet Brick
Size: 115x115cm

Wava Premium Pants
235,000 IDR
Color: Broken white
Size: S, M, L, XL
Material: Bottega (stretch+Not seethrough)
Dijamin nyaman bgt  + gak nerawang

Helmi Nursifah Wearing Tyrex Shawl

Beautiful Helmi Nursifah wearing Tyrex Shawl in light blue

Saskiya Khairani Wearing Tyrex Shawl

Sweet Saskiya Khairani wearing Tyrex Shawl Pashmina in Cream colour

Gita Savitri Devi Top 100 iTunes Indonesia

Congratulation to @gitasav for being top 100 iTunes Indonesia, lagunya emang juaraaaa bikin baper

Rifka Martha with Femme Outfit Alexa Shawl

Rifka Martha wearing Alexa Shawl Baby Peach in Square

Allynda Pants New Colours

Allynda Pants New Colours

235,000 IDR
All size
code: FOAP
kiri: dusty pink
tengah: Gold
kanan: mocca
Material: Channel

for ordering and further information
text us on:
WA: +6285703077111
Line Official: @femmeoutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD

Plain chiffon Shawl New Colours

Plain Chiffon Shawl New Colours

Atas kiri: Dusty peach, Apricot, Electric Orange
Atas tengah: Sweet green turqoise, deep grey, black
Atas kanan: light lavender, mulberry, Fushia

Bawah kiri: light gold, electric banana, sweet yellow
Bawah tengah: pakistan green, army green, deep blue turqoise
Bawah kanan: hot red, deep brown, red wine

60,000 IDR/pc
Code: FO-PCS
Material: chiffon ferragamo
size: pashmina 200x70 cm

for ordering and further information:
text us on:
WA: +6285703077111
Line Official: @femmeoutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD


Evalia Outer

Evalia Outer
175 IDR
All size
Code: FOMy17-Eo
Material: premium linen
clour: Dusty pink
Plain Chiffon Shawl
Code: FO-PCS
200x75 cm
Material: Chiffon feraggamo
Tifanny Top
235,000 IDR
All size
Code: FO-TT
Colour: Broken White
Material: Premium linen
Allynda Top
235,000 IDR
All Size
Colour: Light Grey
Material: Channel
For ordering and further information:
text us on:
Line Official: @femmeoutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD

Flower Shawl

what product after #FemmeOutfitFlowerShawl? yang paling super ditunggu-tunggu akhir pekan ini insha Allah bakal open order


Femme Outfit x Gita Savitri Devi Giveaway

#FemmeOutfitxGitaSavitriDevi Giveaway.
yes, Gita who's gonna choose the best OOTD wearing Femme Outfit Product
there are will be 3 winners in shaa Allah.
1st: winner (Shoping voucher worth 300,000 IDR + prayer set (mukena) + 1 free Outfit + Meet and greet Gita Savitri Devi Free Pass
2nd: shopping voucher worth 200,000 IDR + free Outfit
3rd: shopping voucher worth 100,000 IDR + 1 Shawl 

here are the detail of rules:
1. Follow instagram @femmeOutfit
2. post your best photo with femme outfit product and tell your sweet experience it at your caption
3. add #femmeOutfitGiveaway #femmeOutfitxGitaSavitriDevi at the and of your caption
4. tag 5 of your lovely friends to join
5. please do not private your account since we couldn't notice your tag

selain best OOTD, akan hadiah juga buat best loyal customer, best spam love dan best active follower
fake/giveaway account is not allowed to join

giveaway winners will be announced at 31 may 2017

good luck yaaahhhh.

Giveaway May Winner

Congratulation to our winner of the month
1. best loyal customer: @astridayunda
2. best OOTD: @annisaardyt
3. best spam love our posts @cicipurwanti
4. best comment @emilianarengganis
each of winner got 1 free shawl

Flower Shawl

New flower Shawl
75,000 IDR
code: vintage rose FOMy17-FS
180x75 cm
material: cotton
atas: khaki, baby blue, dusty pink
bawah: pale pink: mint green, pure white

for ordering and further information
text us on:
WA: +6285703077111
Line official: @femmeoutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD


Executive Shawl New Colours

Executive Shawl New Colours

Kiri: Deep nude, Maroon, Black
tengah: Baby orchid, deep baby pink peach, dusty lavender
kanan: dark navy blue, deep emerald green, deep baby blue

80,000 IDR
(you can order it 7 may 2017 at 20:00 WIB)
Code: FO-ES
material: hermes
size: square (115x115cm)

for ordering and further information
text us on:
WA: +6285703077111
Line Official: @femmeoutfit
BBM: FO199199/583FCFCD

Executive Shawl

Save the date 7 May 2017 20:00 WIB
You can start ordering it whith others gorgeous product
Femme Outfit Executive Shawl will be available in 9 colours, stay tuned for the catalogue, will be uploaded tomorrow.

Executive Shawl Tutorial

Femme Outfit Hijab Tutorial with Femme Outfit Executive Shawl
Simple yet exclusive are words that worth describing for this product.
Get ready for the new colours of it

Squava Pants

Rifka Top
235,000 IDR
All size
Code : FOM17-RT
Color : Broken white
Material : Chiffon + Bottega

Squava Pants
215,000 IDR
size : S,M,L
Code : FOMy17-SP
Material : Premium Cotton
Colour : Black - Cream

Executive Shawl
80,000 IDR
colour : Black
Size : 115x115cm

For ordering and further information :
text us on:
WA : +6285703077111
Line Official :@femmeoutfit (click link on bio)
BBM : FO199199 or 583FCFCD


Hello May, Hello Ramadhan

This may we're going to meet Ramadhan soon. Alhamdulillah.
Anyway, what product do you love to have for Eid Day?
mau produk kaya gimana sih buat lebaran? ada masukan?