How to Order Femme Outfit Product?

1. Please fill this form when you place an order:
a. Name:
b. Phone Number:
c. Full Address with Code Post
d. Order:
- Name Product:
- Code:
- Colour:
- Quantity
d. Bank Account (BCA/ Mandiri)// PayPal// Western Union:

send this form to +6283822867199/ BB Pin 27D21221/ femme.outfit@yahoo.com

2. Please kindly wait and be patient for our reply (product availability)

3. After having our reply you'll get the invoice to be transferred and bank account number
( BCA. 34801308898 Risa Kariska / Mandiri. 1330005306386 Risa Kariska)
*better to write a report while you transfer to have obvious detail while we check the transfer (report example: Transfer from xxxx xxxxx)
& PLEASE NEVER TRANSFER before having invoice from us

4. After having transferred, please inform us soon, and send PRINT SCREEN your proof of payment through BBM/ Whatsapp/ YM/ email: femme.outfit@yahoo.com

5. Shipping will be proceed within 2 working days after we receive your payment

- booking order only valid 1 x 24 hours as you received our invoice
- better to leave a comment on product photo that you want at our fan page so we notice the detail order, esp. for the colour that we won't have a miss order :)

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