Femme Outfit Model Hunt

On 29 July 2012, we have our premiere fashion show on Konser Amal HCB Cinta Anak Yatim, at Graha Pos, Edelweis Ballroom, 8th Floor, Banda No 30, Bandung. 
To make you part of us, Femme Outfit gives a chance for you to become our Runway Model, 

Submit your data and photos in Word .doc  to our email: femme.outfit@yahoo.com before 23 July 2012:
Please kindly to follow this Model Hunt form:
1. Name:
2. Nickname:
3. Age:
4. Place/ date birth:
5. Recent Address:
6. Home/ Phone Number/ BB PIN:
7. Occupation:
8. Work/ study place:
9. Height/ Weight:
10.  Chest/ Hip/ Waist Circumference:
11. Shoes Size:
12. Trousers Size: 
13. Facebook/ Twitter Account:
* (insert your close up and full body photos in Word) 
*As the candidate must like Femme Outfit fan page and follow @FemmeOutfit twitter

The winner will be chosen as the Runway Model of Femme Outfit at Konser Amal HCB 29 July 2012 and get special merchandise from Femme Outfit, 
Be Part of Our History and Live the experience as the Runway Model with us!!!

Thanks in Advance, Femme Outfit :)

photo & design: Risa kariska

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Copyright © Femme Outfit 

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