Inner Scarf or Basic Headscarves

Inner Scarf  Colours Spandex Balloon Material

1. Burgundy 2. Dark Misty Purple 3. Dusty Purple 4. Fandango 5. Dark Romantic Purple

1. Baby Blue 2. Cerulean Blue, 3. Dark Cyan 4. Ocean Blue 5. Leaf Green

1. Black 2. Dark Grey 3. Light Green Turquoise 4. Dark Blue Turquoise 5. Egyptian Blue 6. Dark Navy Blue

1. Dark Khaki 2. Deep Orange 3. Papaya 4. Gold 5. Hot Red 6. Maroon

1. Plum 2. Baby Violet 3. Baby Lavender 4. Dusty Pink 5. Magenta 6. Shocking Pink

Inner Scarf Maroko or often called Ciput Ninja Maroko is a basic headscarves that suitable for your basic Hijab. Length of Inner Scarf Maroko is 50 cm, this inner is longer than other inner scarf that usually only cover the neck.
Femme outfit has two different material for Inner Scarf : Spandex Balloon and Cotton (Spandex Rayon), 

The price for Inner Scarf with Spandex Ballon material IDR 30.000/ USD$ 3.00
and Spandex Rayon material IDR 32.000/ USD$ 3.20

for ordering and further information: text us on +6283822867199/ pin: 2335A89E

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  1. Is the innerscarf still available? Can send to singapore?