'Cheerful Garden' Femme Outfit display

Live Shopping Experience at Garden Ambiance with Femme Outfit! :D

Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah all praises to Allah, by Allah kindness finally Femme Outfit got chance to be a tenant at Magnetic Island Boutique,

on this post we're going to tell you about our display offline store and its philosophy
'Cheerful Garden' became the concept that be raised for display Femme Outfit Offline Store
why we took this concept?
Cheerful: due to our opening month on September so we raised Cheerful, 'Cheerful September' or September Ceria, so you alway be cheerful when you shopping at Femme Outfit :D
Garden: we want you feel the blossom of joy while you shopping at Femme Outfit, bring garden ambiance indoor of Magnetic Island Boutique 

so here they are some snapshot of display Femme Outfit Offline Store photos... :D

Wooden Hanger of Femme Outfit

Wood become the most material that we chose for display Femme Outfit Offline Store, because we love being eco-friendly business :D

Creeping Flower over the hanger stick of  rack clothes

Creeping Flower Femme Outfit has philosophy: we hope you always surrounded by the blossom of happiness while pre-purchased, encounter, post purchased shopping at Femme Outfit :D

Round Hole Rack Shawls of Femme Outfit

Round Hole Rack Shawls of Femme Outfit makes the customer easy to see the detail of Chiffon Shawls, don't need to unfold, just pull it from the hole and find the detail of our material shawls :D

Wooden Rack Cloth of Femme Outfit

Green Wooden Rack Cloth became the initial of Femme Outfit display, it seems like a tree, doesn't it? well we have philosophy of it, 
roots: we hope Femme Outfit could be always extent of Allah kindness, barakallah business, vertical relationship among Femme Outfit stakeholder such our supplier, distributor, employee, customer; 
branch: we hope Femme Outfit has many branch in every town while overseas and rock the world,;
leaves: we hope Femme Outfit can always deliver new and innovative product, which has value added in every single of our product 

Grass Carpet of Femme Outfit

Grass carpet covering all the floor of display Femme Outfit corner, we're going to bring you shopping in fun way, just live the blossom of joy when you shopping with us :D

Femme Outfit's Tote Bag

get Femme Outfit's tote bag for every purchasing above 250.000 IDR, we give you re-use bag, so eco-friendly we are... :D

System, Standard, and Procedure of Femme Outfit

don't bring cash money while shopping? just swip your card on EDC machine :D

Susan - Tini - Fitri

Do you need some favour while shopping? just call them, they will service you wholeheartedly :D

Oke may be that some description of display Femme Outftit offline store, hope can inspire you :)
be creative and don't be a copy cat, #FemmeOutfitMessage :D

photo, designed, and written by: Risa kariska

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