Femme Outfit Hijab Make Over

Don't Miss It! Femme Outfit Hijab Make Over
Femme Outfit Hijab Make Over is one of Femme Outfit Program in September... 
this program inspired from many question 'how to be Femme Outfit Model?'
on Femme Outfit Hijab Make Over, we will make over your hijab and give a chance for you to live the experience as our model

we welcome every women to follow this program even you're not using hijab for daily.. here are the condition and form that must be followed:

1. Follow @FemmeOutfit on Twitter
2. Register your name by tweet: 
"Your Name_Register_#FemmeOutfitHijabMakeOver_#SeptemberProgram"
3. Retweet every hashtag #FemmeOutfitHijabMakeOver #SeptemberProgram
4. tell and mention 5 of your friends about Femme Outfit (fan page/ twitter/ blog)
5. Submit your data and photos in Word .doc to our email: 
femme.outfit@yahoo.com before 26 September 2012
and please kindly fill this form:
a. Name:
b. Nickname:
c. Age:
d. Place/ date birth:
e. Recent Address:
f. Home/ Phone Number/ BB PIN:
g. Occupation:
h. Work/ study place:
i. Height/ Weight:
j.  Chest/ Hip/ Waist Circumference:
k. Shoes Size:
l. Trousers Size: 
m. Facebook/ Twitter Account:
* (insert your close up and full body photos with your Full Name without any Hijab Style) 

The winner will be made over by Femme Outfit, live the experience as our model and get special merchandise from Femme Outfit

Thanks in Advance, Femme Outfit :)

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