Femme Outfit Discount :D

#FODiscount (Femme Outfit Discount) is one of Femme Outfit Program in November... 
this program deliberately presents to appreciate our loyal customers
on Femme Outfit Discount, we offer you discount up to 30% off

to enjoy our discount program there are terms and condition apply:

1. Watch our Hijab Tutorials on YouTube: 

2. Share one of our videos on you Facebook
Hijab Tutorial Plain Chiffon Shawl 

HIjab Tutorial Flowery Chiffon Shawl 

3. Answer the question below while place an order
"How many shawl picture at the end of video 1 and 2"
your answer gonna be the passkey to enjoy our #FODiscount

Discount start from 10% for every single of our products
 to know our discount rate please kindly visit our mainly Fan Page www.facebook.com/FemmeOutfit

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