Turban Style Photo Contest by Femme Outfit

Do you love putting some Hijab Style especially Turban? Femme Outfit proudly presents Turban Style Photo Contest

Turban Style Photo Contest is one of Femme Outfit Program for September-December Period... 
by this program we invite Femme Outfiters that love Fashion to show and share their beauty in Turban Style

Show your beauty and the taste of you hijab, and win the prize
The winner will get Femme Outfit product as #giveaway and 
to register this program here are the condition and form that must be followed:

to follow program there are terms and condition apply:

1. Follow @FemmeOutfit on Twitter
2. Watch our Hijab Tutorials on YouTube
3. Share one of our Hijab Tutorial videos on you Facebook/ Twitter/ Blog

Hijab Tutorial Plain Chiffon Shawl 

HIjab Tutorial Flowery Chiffon Shawl 

4. Answer the question below on email
"How many shawl picture at the end of video 1 and 2?"
(your answer gonna be the passkey to verify#Turban Style Photo Contest)

5. Submit your photos on attachment to our email: 
femme.outfit@yahoo.com before 15 December 2012

by following this program mebbe you can have a chance to be our model, let us find your beauty and be part of us! :D

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