Independence Day Promo

This year's Indonesia Independence Day is so SPECIAL,17+08+45=70 🎉🇮🇩🎊 So we would like to give you SPECIAL Discount, celebrating 70th Indonesia Independence Day
17%: #FemmeOutfitEarthToneSeries #FemmeOutfitChiffonShawl, #FemmeOutfitSparklingChiffonShawl
08%: #FemmeOutfitTriumphSeries, #FemmeOutfitPlainChiffonShawl
45%: #FemmeOutfitSquareShawl

Terms & Conditions:
1. Regarding Indonesia Independence Day, this promo valid for minimum purchase 170845 IDR
2. Share Femme Outfit product that you want to buy on instagram, and mention @FemmeOutfit on your caption
3. Place your order through Line/ Whatsapp/ BBM/Email with format:
IG Account:

Order: Product Name_Type_Colour_Quantity_Size_PromoCode
Example: Alicia Pants_FemmeOutfitTriumphSeries_Brown_1_L_RI70

4. Valid 17 August 2015 17:08:45 –  18 August 2015, 17:08:45 
Don't miss it! Let's celebrate #Indonesia #IndependenceDay with Us

For further information:
WA : +6283822867199
Line: FemmeOutfit 
BBM : FO199199 or 583FCFCD
Email: femme.outfit(at)yahoo.com

 #Promo #RI70 #FemmeOutfitPromo

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