Alexa Shawl

1. Baby Peach (atas)
2. Electric Salmon
3. Maroon (bawah)
1. Baby Avocado 
2. Mint Green (atas)
3. Broken White
 4. Mustar (bawah)
1. Baby Avocado
2. Mint Green (atas)
3. Broken White 4. Mustar (bawah)
70,000 IDR (square shawl 115 x 115 cm)
65,000 IDR (pashmina 180 x 75 cm )
Code: FOAS .
Material: Cotton Alexa
Size: Square/ Pashmina
For ordering and further information :
bit.ly/HowToOrderFemmeOutfit (google How To Order Femme Outfit) 
Text us on: 
WA : +62857 030 77 111
Line Official: @femmeoutfit (click link on bio)

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